Granite Hall Store Gets Saucy

Granite Hall Store Gets Saucy

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The amazing historic, magical, and fun Granite Hall Store in Round Pond gets saucy Maine Gravy hot sauces.

Maine Gravy is proud to share the the Pemaquid Peninsula with the Granite Hall Store as home. They are one of the reasons we chose this place for our home. Built 150 years ago this year, the building has served multiple purposes serving the community of Round Pond. For the past 40 years, the Herndon family has run it as a general store, penny candy emporium, and place for young and old to get what they need during their stay in beautiful Round Pond. This year, a third generation of family has taken on the Granite Hall Store, assuring it will be here for you and your family for years to come.

Oh, and another way that the Granite Hall Store gets saucy? The family includes the owners of Thirty Acre Farm, who provide most of the hot peppers for Maine Gravy!

Granite Hall Store Carries*:

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  1. The proof is always in the tasting. Far too many times have I purchased a hot sauce only to discover that it merely imparts a brief burst of flavor then fuses my taste buds into slag, rendering them useless and in need of milk. I have had really great hot sauces and I’ve had far too many testosterone challenges. What category do yours fall under?

    1. We pride ourselves about favoring flavor over heat. One of the most frequent comments I hear when offering tastings is “wow, that actually tastes really good”. Obviously everyone’s sensitivity to hot peppers is different, but most people find the heat to be middle of the road in today’s hot sauce environment. You get a punch of flavor followed by a good kick of heat, leaving off with a mellow combination of heat and flavor. Definitely much hotter than the supermarket staples, but not as hot as those that make people cry in challenges on TV.
      The exception to this is our Damariscotta Damnation sauce, made with fermented ghost peppers. That one hurts, but it’s still incredibly tasty.

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