Maine Gravy Sources

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Maine Gravy Sources

Maine Gravy sauces would not exist without Maine Gravy sources: our local Maine farmers, food artisans, merchants and sea harvesters. Peppers don’t just happen. Garlic and ginger and turmeric don’t just happen. Miso doesn’t just happen. Vinegar doesn’t just happen. Spices don’t just happen. Kelp doesn’t just happen. Well, kelp does just happen, but I don’t want to jump into the cold Maine ocean to get it.

Plants grow from the ground. Makers ferment miso and vinegar in fermentation vessels. Spice purveyors source and import spices from trustable organic suppliers. Sea farmers and harvesters grow and process kelp from the ocean. There are people in Maine who do these things, and they need to sell the tasty and nutritious products of their labor at decent prices to support their families. We want to be part of that. We want to make things in Maine, with Mainers. This may not scale like a big corporation or venture capital firm would want it to. We don’t care about that type of scaling. We care about helping our neighbors, our communities, and our state be what they’re best at. And, we care about providing people with great sauces packed with flavor. Those two goals don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

These are our suppliers. We do not put anything into our bottles that does not come from these great people. Maine Gravy exists to support our suppliers, just as much as we exist to bring you great sauces to elevate the flavor of your food.

Maine Gravy Hot Sauce Sauce Collection - Stillwater style
  • Crazy4Garlic
    Crazy4Garlic is a self-sustainable farm concentrating in Red Russian Garlic. As firm believers in NON-GMO and All-Natural pesticides they purchase only organically grown garlic seed. They are also the founders and main sponsors of the annual Maine Garlic Fest, taking place every fall in Skowhegan. 
  • Ewing Fruit Company
    Ewing Fruit Co, established in 2012, is a 70 acre organic wild blueberry farm based in Warren, Maine. Maine Gravy is excited to be working with them for the first time this season. With the introduction of Boothbay Blues blueberry hot sauce, we’re looking forward to a long and (ahem) fruitful relationship. 
  • Go-en Fermented Foods
    A small, family owned fermentory in Whitefield, Maine. Mika and Nicholas make the amazing miso that we use in Maine Gravy Original Sauce, Midcoast Mayhem hot sauce, and Damariscotta Damnation hot sauce. 
  • Goranson Farm
    Certified organic farm in Dresden, Maine offering produce year round. Jan and family provide us with many of the hot peppers, onions, and garlic we use in all of our products.
  • Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants
    Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants is New England’s top Certified Organic Spice Merchant, located in Dresden, Maine. Christine provides organic spices such as the sichuan peppercorn and star anise that gives Midcoast Mayhem hot sauce, and Damariscotta Damnation hot sauce the mala tang that make them special. 
  • Hilltop Boilers
    New England’s top Certified Organic Spice Merchant, located in Dresden, Maine. Christine provides organic spices such as the sichuan peppercorn and star anise that gives Maine Gravy Original Sauce , Midcoast Mayhem hot sauce, and Damariscotta Damnation hot sauce the mala tang that make them special. 
  • Maine Sea Salt Company
    Maine’s oldest operating salt works, Maine Sea Salt is collected at high slack tide, solar evaporated and hand-harvested from their salt houses in Down East Maine. Salt is critical to fermentation as well as flavor, and we use Maine Sea Salt in all of our fermented hot sauces.
  • Morning Dew Farm
    Morning Dew Farm is a 6 acre MOFGA certified organic vegetable farm with a farmhouse and homestead in Newcastle and farmland at the northern gateway of Damariscotta, owned and operated by husband and wife team Brendan McQuillen and Brady Hatch. In 2022 they provided the fresno peppers used in our new Boothbay Blues Maine blueberry…
  • Ocean’s Balance
    The Ocean’s Balance line of innovative seaweed products are healthy for you and the planet, and they just happen to be delicious. Seaweed products have been a staple in Asian cuisine for millenia, and are an obvious compliment to the flavors we use in Maine Gravy sauces. Here in Maine kelp farms – which grow…
  • Passamaquoddy Wild Blueberry Company
    The Passamaquoddy Tribe owns and operates the Passamaquoddy Wild Blueberry Company. Dedicated to preserving the hand-raking tradition of the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Mi’kmaq, and Maliseet Tribes, their 2000 acres of barrens in Maine make them the largest non-processor wild blueberry farm in Maine. The company reinvests in the farm or distributes to the Tribal communities 100%…
  • Sewall Organic Orchard
    Sewall Organic Orchard is Maine’s oldest operating organic orchard, located in Lincolnville. Bob and Mia make the phenomenal cider vinegar that gives all of our Maine Gravy sauces the tart and tangy kick we love.
  • Stonecipher Farm
    Certified organic vegetable farm located in Bowdoinham in Midcoast Maine. Stonecipher Farm offers a diverse range of veggies, greens, herbs, berries, ginger and turmeric. Their fresh ginger and turmeric are key ingredients in Maine Gravy products. Never had fresh ginger or turmeric straight from the ground before the papery skin forms? You may be missing out…
  • Thirty Acre Farm
    Certified organic farm in Bremen, Maine creating living food and sauces farmed and fermented in Midcoast Maine. Daniel and Simon provide us with most of the hot peppers we use in our products.