Maine Gravy Retailers

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Maine Gravy Retailers

Maine Gravy Hot Sauce Sauce Collection - Stillwater style

While we love selling our sauces online, we really, really love our brick and mortar retailers. They sell Maine Gravy sauces in context. You can see it as a compliment to to the super amazing produce, seafood, or meat they offer. Maybe they provide an opportunity to bring something back home to remember your time in Maine and share those experiences with friends back home. Sometimes it’s just one of those stores that curate a lot of amazing stuff for those who recognize quality when they see it.

We are actually kind of picky about our retailers. Using only Maine grown produce, we are limited in what we can buy and bottle each year. That means we really only have so many bottles to sell each year. We want to be sure that we choose folks that are as proud and confident in what they do and provide as we are. Below are the select retailers throughout New England carrying one or more Maine Gravy products. If they are close by, please grab a bottle or two from them, along with the other things they offer to make you happy.

If you don’t see any Maine Gravy retailers near you, don’t panic. We have more people applying to sell Maine Gravy sauces all the time. Until then, feel free to order online.

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