About Maine Gravy

Maine Gravy Hot Sauces - hanging out pose

About Maine Gravy

The Saucemaster

Hi. I’m Dick Chase. I grew up in Rhode Island, raised two daughters with my wife, Francie, in Massachusetts, and now live with Francie and our two rescue dogs, Nellie and Edna, in Damariscotta, Maine.

Hot Sauce began as a hobby for me several years ago. I experimented with peppers, fermentation, recipes, and even barrel aging. The “cook” was fun, but better was always sharing my sauces with friends. When Francie and I moved to MidCoast Maine (we still say to each other “we live here!”), I decided to see if I could turn the hobby into a business. The result of those efforts are what you see here, on social media, and in a growing number of retail outlets throughout Maine and New England. My greatest joy with this is still sharing the sauces with friends. I just have a lot of friends that I’ve never met now…

My oldest daughter, Sam, a professional graphic designer in Boston, created all of the Maine Gravy labels and defined our style guidelines. Francie, a professional web designer, helps with this website. I am literally the chief cook and bottle washer. So, there really is a “we” and “our” behind Maine Gravy.

Our Story

I didn’t start Maine Gravy just to make and sell hot sauce. I wanted to create something that can offer a growing market to all the amazing producers here in Maine. Per square mile, Maine contains more Farmers, salt makers, spice merchants, miso fermenters, cider makers, and every other kind of maker or curator you can think of, than any other place in the world it. At least it feels that way. All of them are working hard to support their families, strengthen their communities and make you happy with what they produce. By buying Maine Gravy brand sauces, you can help them do that.

Real Ingredients

Fermented peppers and/or fruit are always the primary ingredients in every sauce. You will never find water, distilled vinegar, sugar, corn syrup, chemical emulsifiers, other highly processed stuff

Original Flavors

We roast the garlic and onions we use to heighten their flavor. Spices are toasted before being ground in small batches. Ground Maine kelp and dulse add a subtle kiss of umami and brininess of the sea.

Tasty and Fun

Even our hottest sauce starts off with bold flavors you can actually taste before the pain hits. The endorphin rush is kinda fun. But best of all is sharing Maine Gravy with friends, slurping oysters, getting messy with barbecue, or chowing down on chili or beans and rice.