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The Alna Store

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The Alna Store market & restaurant, like Maine Gravy, is passionate about food and sustainable food systems. A sweet restaurant and market off the beaten path in MidCoast Maine. They work with a plethora of local farms, fisherman and artisans to serve you beautiful food with warm hospitality. Like their sister restaurant in Tucson, AZ, they challenge the idea that profitability in the service industry necessitates the exploitation of labor, resources, and agriculture.

Maine Gravy is super proud and honored to work with The Alna Store. Stock up on wine, beer, and well curated delicacies, or stay a while for lunch, dinner or brunch. Visit them if you’re passing through on your way upta camp. Visit them often if you live anywhere close by. Hint: have the desert. We’re not generally desert people, but we have never not had desert here that hasn’t left us blissed out and grinning from ear to ear on the drive home.

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